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Perfect skin plays an important part in fashionable beauty. We can judge a beauty as well as her quality of life by her skin condition and appearance. Smooth skin is the most invaluable outfit . However, most women have got to face different skin problems due to the climate, pollution or aging, etc. With our body slimming through phototherapy capsules, the smooth, delicate, air and natural skin is not a dream anymore, it can just meet your needs .

Advanced colorful light technology combines the four light waves with the far-infrared rays, which has a perfect biological effect on your body and mind. Lying in the capsule is like being in the mysterious universe, you feel the physical and mental harmony.

Functions and Characteristics: phototherapy: Far infrared rays are the light of life, it can penetrate into the skin, are easy to be absorbed by cells, and be conducted to 3 to 5cm under the skin. Through the deep thermal results and resonance, it can decompose and burn the fat .

Your body consumes 600 calories After using the body slimming capsule for 20 to 30 minutes, the same as running for 10 thousand meters. Far infrared rays are helpful to your health :

  • Activate water molecules and improve oxygen absorption 70% of our body is made up of water, and 80% of blood is water, too. Far infrared rays can resonate with the water molecules, improve oxygen absorption, activate cells, refresh your brain, and reinforce immunity. Through the deep heat effects and penetration, your body can get enough nutritional supplements and you feel healthy and relieved.
  • ¬†Improve the circulation Water molecules can go through cells freely and can be changed into thermal energy through resonance, that speeds up the blood circulation, and dilates the capillary when the capillary increase. The heart can be relieved, they can supply adequate oxygen and nutrition to cells and carry away the waste from metabolism. If something is wrong with it, you may suffer from high blood, cardiovascular diseases, tumor, arthritis, or general paralysis. The capillary plays an essential part in your body, it is called the second heart.
  • Stimulate the metabolism When the circulation is improved, the waste from metabolism can be carried away quickly, so the liver and kidney can be relieved. The waste includes heavy metals resulting in cancer; lactic acid causing fatigue and aging, also subcutaneous fat and fatty acid; uranium ion causing high blood pressure; uric acid causing pain. With the blood circulation and capillary dilatation, the nutrition is taken to all parts of the body so the metabolism is improved cells are regenerated, the heart is relieved, and your skin is fair and silky smooth.
  • Balance the acidity and alkalinity Far infrared rays can purify the blood, improve immunity, and activate cells, also it has a curative effect on relieving the pain. With its penetration and deep heat effect, the body can absorb plenty of nutrition, and cell activity can be reinforced. The thermal energy can improve blood circulation, smoothen the energy channels, and relieve arthritis rheumatism, pain from high uric acid .
  • Consume your energy, burn your fat, reduce your weight. The vibration of far infrared rays light waves can stimulate energy consumption increase body temperature, improve metabolism reduce fat, get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, and reduce oil secretion, acne, pimple, which also improve the complexion.

Energy colorful light effect: As we know, colorful light is helpful to our health physically and mentally. The common facial treatment has effects only on the cuticle of the epidermis without deeper and further curative effects, while the filtered colorful light wave can penetrate the cuticle into the derma with photochemical action on the tissue and skincare, increasing the collagen protein and stimulating the cell regeneration, restoring the elastic facial skin, getting rid of wrinkles, fine lines and contracting pores against aging and flaccid skin.

  1. Red light Efficacy: exciting and warm, stimulating and revitalizing the cells, improving the heartbeats, brain activities, and respiration Physiotherapy function: removing wrinkles, spots, and acne, stimulating the blood circulation and metabolism, revitalizing the skin tissue.
  2. Yellow light Efficacy: stimulating the nerves, increasing the blood pressure, speeding up the pulse, reinforcing the immunity and digestion. Physiotherapy function: improving the absorption of oxygen, stimulating the blood circulation, revitalizing your skin, and digestion.
  3. Blue light Efficacy: you feel cool and refreshed, relieving the pressure, reducing the blood pressure. balancing and focusing your mind. Physiotherapy function: developing the gluey protein, revitalizing your skin, and tightening the lax skin.
  4. Green light Efficacy: This natural color has comfort and calm curative effects on your anxiety and depression, you feel relaxed and relieved. Physiotherapy function: improving the gland function, removing the spots, acne, pimples.
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