Vertical HIFU


The version of this HIFU Machine has 10,000 shots in 1 cartridge and a single shot.

  • Free small machine of your choice: 8 in 1 Facial machine/ Vmax Hifu/ Oxygen Bubble Hydrafacial Machine
  • Free 5 cartridges for face and body
  • Free HIFU Trolley
  • Free Ultrasound gel
  • Free Machine Manual With Certificate of Training
A HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It has recently been growing in popularity due to the increased demand for achieving significant non-invasive skin lifting and tightening. The HIFU also helps with reducing the appearance of excess fats on areas such as the jowls, double chin and cheeks. HIFU utilises ultrasound energy to tighten the skin and reduce unwanted facial fats in certain areas. Ultrasound is an energy modality that focuses and penetrates deep into the skin layers, causing thermal (heat) coagulation. The ultrasound used in HIFUs is similar to ultrasound scans in medical clinics or hospitals. However, instead of scanning a broad area, ultrasound energy in HIFU focuses and converges onto a small focal point in the skin. This results in increased temperatures on the focal point, creating tissue coagulation to stimulate collagen production and targeted fat reduction. There is no damage to the surrounding skin or tissue except only at the focal point. As a result, HIFUs are able to target deep skin layers to cause tightening and lift the face without needles or surgery. Here’s an important point to note. Best results are at 12 weeks, as collagen production and tightening takes time.
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