Vertical Thermage FLX


This Vertical Thermage functions on loose abdominal skin, loose skin on inner and outer thighs, loose skin on arms, Wrinkled necks, Sleep lines and thin skin on the decolletage, lines around the eyes, heavy eyelids, full face tightening, all skin types can be safely treated. A treatment will not prevent you from having a facelift at a later stage.

  • Free Electrode Patch
  • Free Coupling Gel
  • Free Skin Pad Marker
  • Free Machine Manual With Certificate of Training
Thermage is a non invasive radiofrequency (RF) treatment that can smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger-looking appearance. One quick treatment (25-90 minutes) depending on the treatment area that can deliver an outstanding results for most clients. This machines activates the fibroblast to increase the production of collagen in the treatment area. Thermage is designed to deliver maximum results in a short comfortable procedure. Results improve over time and can last for years. Treats wrinkles and loose skin on face, around eyes and on the body. This machine is the newest generation. It further builds upon the history of innovation, incorporating the comfort pulse technology. Faster treatment times can be expected with this machine compared to other generations.
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