IPL hair removal  is with new AFT technology (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) uses low and equal energy. The special filter cuts 950-1200nm wavelength, which is useless in treatment and absorbs water to make patient feel painless IPL stands for a technology for permanent hair removal which is having a sweeping success. The system combines laser technology and the benefits of the pulsating light method achieving practically painless results. Even hairs which until now have been difficult or even impossible to be removed, can now be treated. “In Motion” represents a breakthrough in permanent hair removal with light technology. The treatment is more

pleasant than with the conventional systems and your skin is better protected.


Opt Ipl / Shr / Ipl Laser Multifunctional Machine Portable Shr Fast Hair Removal

Advantage of ipl machine

  1. SHR & E-light are two technologies in one machine more advanced.
  2. 8-inch color touch screen easy to operate.
  3. Best cooling system: Air cooling+Water cooling+Screen Cooling.
  4. Handle 400000 shorts guarantee.
  5. We can help you custom your local languages and add a logo on the screen and body of the machine.

Application of ipl machine with different filters

  1. 480nm for skin rejuvenation and acne treatment
  2. 530nm for pigmentation and spot removal
  3. 640nm for hair removal
  4. Function of opt shr machine
  5. Remove hair from various areas of the body for all kinds of color hair.
  6. Remove epidermal pigmentation:speckles,age spot,birthmark,ect.
  7. Remove red blood vessels: bottlenose, erythema, change bottle nose.
  8. Skin rejuvenation and whiten skin.
  9. Acne and scars treatment:papule,blain,ect.
  10. Shrink and tighten pores
  11. Remove wrinkle
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